Edge Twins HPC Project Publications.

Barcelona, April the 21st 2021.

The EdgeTwins HPC project was featured or referenced in the following publications presented at industry events by CIMNE’s research team (by date):

  1. From Linear Mappings to Deep Learning for Model Reduction of Numerical Simulations of Industrial Interest. Raul Bravo*, Riccardo Rossi, Joaquin Hernandez, Carlos Roig. Computational Science and AI in Industry (CSAI 2021) Conference. Trondheim, Norway (virtual conference). 7-9 June 2021. https://www.scipedia.com/public/Bravo_et_al_2022a
  2. A Local POD-HROM framework for fast and accurate numerical simulations. Raul Bravo*, Riccardo Rossi, Joaquin Hernandez. XI International Conference on Coupled Problems in Science and Engineering (COUPLED 2021) Chia Laguna, Italy (virtual conference). 13-16 June, 2021. https://www.scipedia.com/public/Bravo_et_al_2022b
  3. Clustering Techniques for Enhanced Reduced Order Model Simulations in Structural Mechanics. Raul Bravo*, Riccardo Rossi, Joaquin Hernandez. XVI International Conference on Computational Plasticity (COMPLAS 2021). Barcelona, Spain. 07-09 September 2021. https://www.scipedia.com/public/Bravo_et_al_2022c
  4. Minimally Intrusive Nonlinear Model Order Reduction. Riccardo Rossi*, Joaquin Hernandez, Raul Bravo, Carlos Roig. Mechanistic Machine Learning and Digital Twins for Computational Science, Engineering & Technology (MMLDT-CSET 2021) Conference, San Diego, USA (virtual conference). 26-29 September 2021. https://www.scipedia.com/public/Rossi_et_al_2022a

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Principal Investigator

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