The Project

The project

Main Goals

The main objective of this FET Innovation Launchpad project is to evaluate the business feasibility of an open-source digital twin builder software for edge applications and develop and test a demonstrator (alpha) for one or more use cases identified in the market analysis.

The basis of the current project is the capability of accurately modelling highly complex problems using massive computing power (HPC) to extract the essential features of the solution so that similar results can be obtained (within a training range) at very constrained compute environment.

Work Packages

In order to achieve the stated objectives, the project will roughly follow the process outlined in the diagram below, starting with the market analysis, to unveil the requirements for the technical development and demonstration of the reduced order model application in one or more selected use case/s.

Following this methodology the project will be carried-out in 5 Work Packages with a total duration of 18 months: